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Glossary Real Estate Terms:

1. Who are you and what is your background?
2. How much in real estate transactions have you done?
3. What is it about your services & product that makes you better?
4. Who and why would someone want to lease purchase or rent to own?
5. How will people find out about you and your solutions?
6. What are the risks and rewards?
7. Can I pay my rent on-line or with a credit card?
8. As one of your investors, can I get out if needed?
9. Have you ever lost ANY of your investor's money, if so, how much?
10. Have you had problems with rent to own people?
11. Have you ever evicted someone?
12. Will you teach me how and what you do to be a real estate investor?
13. Have you ever had problems with a seller?
14. Have you have had problems with other real estate investors?
15. Where can I get another copy of the Seller Disclosure form?

16. Where can I get a rental application?
17. How can I send you my comments and suggestions?
18. Anyone not buy the homes but you would rent to again?
19. Ever deal with unethical contractors?

20. Have any How-To Home Repair Guides?



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