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Have you ever had problems with a seller?
Most sellers of their homes are fantastic people.  Thankful for our helping them with their situation and helping them move on with their lives. 

However, we have issues when the house purchase is not closed yet and we have buyers lined up rent to own their home and they try and sell the home around Evergreen Solutions or the new buyers try and buy it directly from the sellers.

Most people have ethics and would not even consider not honoring their agreement to sell the home.  But then we have the Murphy's home at 911 N. 1500 E, Layton, Tax ID #11-010-0020.  We agreed August 21, 2004 to buy the home of Michael Sean Murphy and Jamie Lyn Murphy and we put our Rent to Own sign in the ground and we found a buyer for their home, John & Vickie Radl.  The title was not clean and we had some real mess with liens and judgments against them.  They wanted to just file bankruptcy and skip making these payments but this home was a subject to purchase and that would mean I would then own the house and the debts.  This of course was not going to make this purchase work until they were paid or cleared off the title.  We spent weeks cleaning it up, finding answers.  In the mean time the Murphy's and Radl's started to talk about going directly.  The Murphy's would not close and honor their agreement and the Radl's would not even talk and have moved into the house.  They even removed my sign and hide so I could not even find it.  I had to wait there until I caught John Radl coming out of the house and I asked for my property back.

I have the signed agreement and I have the title work done by Weber Title Company as proof of their default.  We are filing a notice of interest against both parties.

Another case is people wanting to come back months later and get a swing set from the backyard that we had in the agreement was part of the home sale.  Even cemented into the ground items are real property.  These issues can make friends both upset.  I then give them 30 days to get it and they didn't then complain to me 60 days later for the swing set.  But now we have people buying the home who want the set.  The old saying all sales final doesn't always work. 


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