Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What are the risks and rewards?
For the investor, our investments are very secure and make a fantastic investment tool.  We have never lost one penny of investor money on any home.  If an investor needs to get out early, we allow that.  We understand your situation changes and will replace your investment with someone else. 

For Evergreen Solutions, the risks are having the home damaged by renters.  However, we have never lost one penny of investor funds with these problems.  We have no plans to ever have one of our investors lose their money.

For the renter or buyer, having their needs change before they purchase and need to upgrade or down size when the year rental to own term is over.  This is where we offer another benefit, we will transfer your credits to another home we offer without penalty.  Eliminating the risk all together.

For the seller, there is little if any risk and most of our sellers still go out and get additional financing on new homes even on the homes we just take over their payments.  We can do this by the way we close the loans and our paperwork.  The sellers benefit from our credit and perfect payments and still qualify for new financing.  Everyone to date who has needed new financing has been able to get the new loans and move on.  Works great for everyone.

Evergreen Solutions
- Updated September 21, 2005 9:55 p.m.