When talking of your IRA, the term "self-directed" can be misleading. Many investment firms would have you believe it simply means choosing which mutual funds to invest in. Fortunately, with Evergreen Solutions it means much more. We can structure a strategy for you which is truly "self-directed" and will open up new and almost limitless investment opportunities.

With a properly structured IRA you have the freedom to invest in assets such as real estate, businesses, financial paper and yes, even the stock market; only life insurance and collectables are off limits. Evergreen Solutions true self-directed strategy offers you more opportunity by allowing you to choose the investments you want, and allows you to take full control of your future.

With Evergreen Solutions true self-directed IRA you have 100% control and checkbook access to your assets. What this means is; if you want a particular investment such as real estate, you simply write a check from your retirement checking account; it is that simple.

Why not take control of your retirement funds? With the help of Evergreen Solutions you can do just that. To see how, contact one of our representatives, they are standing by.


Evergreen Solutions will structure an investment strategy where you can manage your retirement investments with complete flexibility.

This includes:

  • Establishing a self-directed IRA account with one of our preferred custodians
  • Creating a customized and conforming Limited Liability Company (LLC) for your IRA
  • Preparing and filing all forms necessary for the transfer/rollover, custodian, state and IRS

This gives you:

MORE INVESTMENT OPTIONS investment options for your IRA are virtually unlimited. With a properly structured IRA you can invest in assets such as real estate, businesses, financial paper and yes, even the stock market; Evergreen Solution's true self-directed strategy offers you greater opportunity by allowing you to choose the investments you want and allows you to take control of your future.

CHECKBOOK CONTROL If you structure your IRA correctly you can literally have checkbook control over your IRA assets. No more begging a broker to allow you to invest your own money. You are in total control. Participate in time sensitive investments, including foreclosures and tax liens, without the time restrictions of the custodial paperwork process.

SUPPORT TO SUCCEED Evergreen Solutions will ensure you receive the support you need to invest confidently. Evergreen Solutions can help coach you to ensure you steer clear of prohibited transactions and toward your retirement goals.

ASSET PROTECTION In many states, IRA assets are subject to the claims of predatory creditors. If properly structured, your IRA can build a financial fortress around your hard earned wealth.

TRUE DIVERSIFICATION Your retirement holdings can now be truly diversified in a number of different assets. No longer are you limited to only the investments your custodian offers.

Real Estate

 It's easy to make money in a booming real estate market. But what about in a slow or down market? The formula is simple: cultivate a stable of wealthy investors with pen in hand, poised to quickly purchase your real estate investments.

But just imagine for a moment - what if you had 10 - 20 investors who each had a separate private bank account with hundreds of thousands of dollars, earning little or no rate of return? Don't you think they would be an excellent source of investment dollars? There are millions of IRA and 401(k) owners who fit that profile.

Now, you can tap into that $3.4 trillion retirement market and see your real estate income soar. Would you like an investment pool of $1-5 million dollars just waiting for you to bring them investments like rental properties, lease to purchase transactions, fix-up real estate, or even commercial property?

We can even show you how your clients can leverage their IRA to maximize their return.

With our Financial Professional's Business Development Program, we will show you how to find investors with large IRAs and 401(k)s that are ready to buy real estate. All you have to do is learn to ask four simple questions and then introduce them to our Retirement Specialists. In about 30 days, we will give you back another investor to add to your growing stable of ready, willing, and able investors.

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CPAs & Accountants


You are a problem solver. Your clients come to you for your expertise, ideas, solutions, and of course your guidance. When reviewing their tax returns you are in a perfect position to see gains on real estate, mortgage, and other transactions.

This is the perfect time to ask "Would you be interested in sheltering the current taxation on this type of capital gain?" Most of your clients are unaware of the true power in the proper use of their IRA or 401(k). And, with the new Roth 401(k) available as of January 1, 2006, their options are even greater.

Now you can generate billable hours as you review their investment options

As a professional, it is imperative that you remain abreast of the most effective and leading-edge strategies which will best serve your clients' needs. After all, your clients are, in large measure, entrusting their financial futures to you.

Unknown to most investment advisors is the fact that the investment options for IRAs are virtually unlimited; in fact, there are only two types of assets that your IRA can not invest in: Life insurance contracts and collectibles.

Let's take a look at a couple of strategies using retirement vehicles that could help some of your clients.


One of many important strategies addressed on this web page is the powerful yet little-known practice of using Factoring to increase the contributions to one's retirement pension, while simultaneously decreasing ones taxable income.

Factoring is a program based upon government rulings that allows business retirement plans to purchase accounts receivables that the business generates in the ordinary course of business.

As a business generates receivables, it can turn notes into cash by selling the notes to the business retirement plan at a fair market value discount.


By way of illustration, let's consider the following example. Pat's flooring sells $1,000,000 per year in products. All sales are made on credit. Pat's profit margin is 15%, or $150,000 per year.

Pat decides to implement a factoring strategy and sells the receivables to the company's retirement plan. After consulting with his CPA, he determines that the fair market discount on the notes is 5%.

If he then sells all of his receivables to the retirement plan, his net profit is going to drop from $150,000 to $100,000. Where did the other $50,000 go? Into his retirement plan, where it is protected from both taxes and lawsuits.


There are several important benefits inherent in the above example. First, the taxable income of the business is lowered by $50,000 – an improvement of 33%. Because the pension plan purchases the notes at a fair market discount, the plan obtains high returns which are intelligently and legally sheltered both from taxes and lawsuits. And finally, this factoring example also provides a degree of asset protection for the receivables.


Bringing a different idea to the table is what sets you apart from your competition. This is one of many strategies which a CPA or Accounting professional can leverage on behalf of his clients.

To implement these strategies your clients need guidance – your guidance. Their questions will include; which custodians they should use, how they will transfer their retirement assets, which investments are allowable, what structure they will need and so on. Answering these questions translates into billable hours for your firm.

Evergreen Solutions can help you connect all the dots. Many of our professional clients have literally turned their careers around by using the strategies and tools we provide their business.

Here at Evergreen Solutions, we specialize in providing solutions. It is what we do best.

Mortgage Pros

Like the Realtor, the Mortgage Professional usually has their income tied to the market conditions. By implementing our Financial Professional's Business Development Program, we will show you how to quickly cultivate a stable of investors with pen in hand poised to quickly fund hard-money and non-conforming loans, earning you fees that are usually much higher than would be earned from placing conventional loans.

But just imagine - if you had 10 - 20 investors who each had a separate private bank account with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars just begging for a safe investment, such as placing those funds in a high-yielding first mortgage on real estate.

If you, as a Mortgage Professional, could show those IRA and 401(k) owners how to invest their retirement funds into mortgages - a feat which very few Mortgage Professionals can accomplish - you would be immediately positioned to take your business to the level of Top Producers.

Financial Planners

Today many investment advisors, CPAs, and insurance agents are cross-licensing to offer managed money or wrap-fee services to their clients.

The Evergreen Solutions Total Control IRA is perfect for RIAs. This powerful subject, Checkbook Control of Your IRA, attracts big accounts and more knowledgeable investors. The more the investor knows the more they understand asset allocation.

These knowledgeable investors are not afraid to take action. They understand the importance of active management of their assets and they are not afraid to pay for these management services. Very few IRAs give investors the ability to move between securities (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds) to financial paper and an array of real estate transactions seamlessly. Any time you offer services or tools that others do not, you are differentiating yourself from your competition.

Let Evergreen Solutions show you how to take your prospecting to the next level. We even have a turnkey prospecting seminar program.

Evergreen Solutions uses a leading facilitator of retirement accounts, providing the tools for businesses and individuals to take complete control of their IRA and 401(k) funds. Unlike a typical bank or brokerage firm, we give you a True Self-Directed retirement account.

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