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Have you ever evicted someone?
Answer:  Since 1994 we have had to evict and/or file judgements on several people.  Even rent to own people can still default:
No investor funds were lost or will be lost on these properties.

Jason & Monika Jennings - City violations, non-payment, 
Full Eviction & Judgments: 
Kent Thompson (April 18, 1966 ss# 528-04-56xx) and Gloria Price (April 13, 1962 ss# 552-23-77xx) for non-payment, damage to the property, several city violations, and problems with unauthorized access of city water and power.  Also living in home were: Dustin Trautman 8-7-1982, Darrian Trautman 8-23-1983, Vince Thompson 5-20-1992, Bernard Rhodes. No investor funds were lost or will be lost on this property.   They refused to leave for non-payment and city notices by the Health Department, so we were forced to take him to court and Judge Roger Dutson ordered the eviction May 11, 2004.  Three Weber County Sheriffs arrived on May 12th and escorted him and others out of the property and the locks were changed. Damages, legal fees and lost rents are being added to the judgment. Please contact us for more information on this issue.  His property and trash was still on the property weeks later so we have to have it removed so we can clean and sell the home again.  Kent has now filed false police reports that we have stolen his property.  Detective Tim Shelstead, Ogden City Police Department, investigated and found his accusations to be false and instead of removing your property.  Kent still is leaving it and will not remove there property and trash.  Maybe he is waiting for people to steal it so he does not have to remove it.  Kent has stated twice to the officer that ALL his stuff has been removed so all the additional issues on his property is just harassment. After June 12, 2004, we have honored the 30 day state law issue and the items will be removed, sold, trashed or given to charity.  Evergreen Solutions will not benefit one penny from his property.  We do not want or need his property we just need it removed to sell the home to a better family. 
Eviction & Judgments: 
Jennifer Elmer (ss# 528-15-70xx) & Alex Burdick (ss# 571-83-18xx), for non-payment, damage to the property, unhealthy living conditions, rumored drug use, constant non truths.  Also living in home were: Afton Elmer, Tristan Scott. No investor funds were lost or will be lost on this property
The following pictures, taken April 1, 2004 (no joke) are the condition of the home as they left it.  Left the home with the doors un-locked, and windows open.  I guess the smell was the security. Pictures were taken by a concerned neighbor to warn me of the condition.  Evergreen Solutions had not yet been in the house to inspect it when these pictures were taken.  Please contact us for more information on this issue. 

Pictures:  South living room, North living room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bedroom, Bedroom, Bedroom, Closet, Bathroom, Basement, Basement 2, Basement 3

Ronald Wardell & Jolene Wardell, defaulted after they promised me to give them a chance. We gave them a chance when they did not hae the credit or record to and they spent years in a program to get current and years of helping and helping and them never paying the rent or on time and then owing months and not paying, not answering phone, or text messages, not paying the new payment plan. Refusing to pay, filing bankruptcy and thinking they can stay forever and never pay. 

Nicholas Buckley, defaulted, would not leave, stuck me with water bill and other expenses but did not damage home.

Emily J. Reddye, defaulted, would not leave and damaged homes. Never put gas or power in her name.

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