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Have you had problems with rent to own people?
Most rent to own people are great.  They just need to re-establish credit or build some equity. Since 1994 to November 2003 I have no defaults.  Very few ever default since they are buying. 

The more problem renters are under Have you ever evicted someone?

2003, However, we had one home that was abandoned and damaged. 
Paul Owen (ss# 550-49-49xx) and Anna Owen (ss# 533-76-45xx), abandoned a home in Layton, Utah and left a large outstanding amount owed.  They moved up from Arizona before they abandoned our home for Washington.  Also living in home were:  Justin, Gabriel, Caleb, Josiah, Hannah.  We are seeking a judgment against them for payment and damage to the home. No investor funds were lost or will be lost on this property Please contact us for more information on this issue. 
2004, we had a few more defaults.
Marvin Vides & Amanda Vides file bankruptcy and abandoned the home in Ogden, Utah in June 2004 and had a small amount owed to Evergreen Solutions.  The house was mostly clean home.  Few items personal items and trash left, few windows broke, but no intentional damage. No investor funds were lost or will be lost on this property.

Donna Lavender (12-8-1965, ss# 555-39-90xx) (Clearfield) defaulted, bounced several checks, would not honor promises, was given , lease violation letter, three day pay or quit letter and she then abandoned the home in Clearfield, Utah, August 2004 with a few thousand dollars owed.  This home was left very dirty, small damage to the home.  After Utah Power had terminated power and wanted she told then she was not living there and had not for over a week, so we visited the home with Utah Power on the phone and she answered the door and was clearly living at the home.  She was taking power from the neighbor to the west, Clearfield Water was turned off and she was still using water so the meter was removed and tried to have turned back on with a check on an account that was closed.  After calls from several creditors about Donna and her leaving and they wanted to know where she is now located, on August 31, we tried to inspect the home and Rent A Center, the Payne's, Colortyme, and Aaron's rent a centers were at the home seeking their defaulted property at the home and her new location only a few houses away at 420 West.  She called the Clearfield City Police but with all these people trying to collect there was a clear pattern of the problem and the officer left since these are civil matters for collections.  The officer wanted her to have until that night to remove her belonging and for us to not take back the home until September 1.  She was informed we were going to show the home to new renters/buyer prospects and the officer notified for his report and the home was shown the home that evening.  We are seeking a judgment against them for payment and damage to the home. No investor funds were lost or will be lost on this property.

2005, we have more defaults.

Angela Dennis, (5-27-1976, ss# 529-19-24xx) (Clearfield) defaulted, was not honoring her promises and then abandoned the property and we will be making payment arrangements or filing a judgement and garnish her wages.

Adam Boswell, defaulted and we will be making a payment arrangement or filing judgement and garnish his wages.

Victor Hester & Tiffanie Hester, defaulted and left a damaged house and a mess.  Made promisses and never honored them so we will be filing a judgements and garnish their wages.

Linda Knowles, defaulted and damaged the home, doors and carpet.  She had medical problems that created her situation.

Tara Voigt, (Liberty) defaulted and left the home in ok condition.

2006, we have some more defaults.

Mary Roberts & Heather Stone, defaulted and left a dirty home.  Junk in the yard.

Rebecca Gumbrecht, (Clearfield) she decided to move, but left the home a mess and lots of garbage.

Brittney Springer, defaulted and left the condo dirty.  Legal action pending.

Bart Gunnell (Tremonton) defaulted and left house a mess.  Legal action pending.


Christian Coty & Kari Wayment defaulted and damaged the home.  Legal action pending.

Justin Charlesworth & Stacy Croft defaulted and legal action pending.

Jason Cosby & Bonnie Taylor defaulted and left house a mess.  Legal action pending.

Ricky & Sandy Clausing defaulted and left house a mess.  Legal action pending.

Cari D. Cota defaulted and left the house dirty.  Legal action pending.

Josie Clompten defaulted and left house dirty.  Legal action taken and received a Judgement.

Catherine Hub (Mountain Green) left with balance owed. 


Judy Speigle defaulted and had more dogs than the condo would allow.  Legal action taken and we received a judgement.

Kassandra Tutt & Steven Bradshaw defaulted and left house a mess, legal action taken and judgment received.

Jenifer Newey defaulted and left house a mess.  Legal action pending.

Janaye Wolfe defaulted and had legal issues with kids.  Legal action pending.

Kristopher Price, Stephany Price  Legal action pending.


John & Lori Pierce, defaulted and damaged the home after I helped them through their medical issues.  We had to fill two 30 yard dumspters to remove their junk. Legal action pending.

Darin L. Farr & Kristina Farr, defaulted and left the house a total mess.  Walls ruined, carpet trashed and we filled THREE 30 yard dumpsters.  Mice, cockroaches, rotten food, damage to plumbing,   Legal action pending.

Scott & Crystal Rochell, Defaulted and left the home dirty and damaged.  Legal action pending.

Kathy McGuigan, left the house clean but some damage and did not pay.

Cody Shepherd, (Layton) defaulted and left the house dirty and damaged.  Legal action pending.

Bryant Fransworth & Ann Durrwachter, Defaulted.    Legal action pending.

William & Rosa Schmauss (Ogden) defaulted and damaged the house and yard.  Legal action pending.

Anthony & Melissa Jacklin (Clearfield) defaulted and damaged the house.  Legal action pending.

Ashley Mathews, defaulted and damaged the trailer.  Legal action pending.


Brandon Strasner & Shelly Redfield (Ogden) defaulted and were evicted.  left garbage and a dirty home.

Nicholas Buckley (Ogden) defauted and was evicted and locked out of home.  We gave him a chance but he followed in the ways of his mother who was evicted years before.

Ingnacio Gutterrez and Concepcion Gutterrez (Ogden) defaulted after they begged to give them a chance and they would not let me down, but then were late several times and damaged my home, left it unlocked and not secure, owe me money and when we gave them a chance and the promises that they would pay and care for the home, they did not do as they claimed. 

pictures coming soon.

Ronald & Jolene Wardell (Logan) defaulted on home after helping them out and letting them stay with medical issues and expenses.

Kristin Gonzalez (Riverdale) defaulted and as a school teacher does not understand basic terms on the lease, refused to pay rent, and was evicted for non payment.  Left house a mess, dirty, broken window, sheetrock damage, ripped carpet.  Balance to collections.

The more problem renters are under Have you ever evicted someone?

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