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Anyone not buy the homes but you would rent to again?


Yes, unfortunately, we did have some great renters that decided not to buy and moved on.  I would rent to these people again.  Consider this a reference from Evergreen Solutions but call if you want a verbal reference.

Perfect credit - Ben & Sharon Seidl, 26 perfect payments, military

Perfect credit - Adam Barrera, 21 perfect payments, military

Perfect credit - Jordon Sill & Breann Close, 17 perfect payments

Perfect credit - Amy Cain, 15 payments

Good credit - Peter & Laura Coates, 12 payments, military

Good credit - Aspen Marie Hopkins, 12 payments

Good credit - Vicki DeWitt, 12 payments

Good credit - Tia Peterson, 12 payments

Good credit - Barbara P Ririe, 12 payments

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- Updated May 30, 2009 1:05 p.m.