I Pay I Own, LLC

Seller Financing Program

We offer the best Home Owner Protection Plan for non-traditional financing.  We take away the roadblock and fear of buying a home – the fear of having to qualifying and get a mortgage loan with today's new rules.

On the other hand, with rent to own, some people fear they will still get financing at the end of the lease so they can buy the home.

Most rent-to-own-programs require the buyer to obtain their own mortgage loan at the end of the term.  If they can't get that loan by a certain date, they lose everything they have paid and have to move out of the home as well.

At I Pay I Own, LLC we think that is wrong and not fair. There are many reasons a person or family cannot qualify with today’s new mortgage rules.

Since interest rates are on the rise, there is another fear that the buyers will not be able to afford the home a few years down the road.

I Pay I Own, LLC, solves this problem. We can work with ANY seller and ANY buyer.

Currently, we work with Evergreen Solutions, LLC, Evergreen NxGen, LLC, Black Bear Unlimited, LLC, and The Auckland Group, LLC, to help provide financing to good people who can't get or don't want to get traditional loans, or who want to save money by eliminating all of the loan fees. 

Yes, we do have a few people who could get traditional loans, but they choose to go with us for several reasons, such as saving on fees, 100% financing, more flexible terms, credit issues, etc.  We might be able to help you as well.  Tell us your situation and let us see.

We offer a protection program to all our buyers who pay perfectly.

We reward all who pay perfectly with home ownership.  Yes, that’s right, we don't care what your credit score. We only care how you PAY.  If you pay perfectly for 24 months you will qualify for our financing program. 

We are not talking about high interest rates, either. We are talking about nice, affordable rates/payments.  We work hard to keep the payment the same as what you were paying for rent.

Why? That is what you proved to us you can and will pay.  Why jump your payment up and then kick you out? Then we just have an empty house!  That is not our goal.  We are cash flow investors. We want a monthly payment.  Empty homes hurt us, so our goal and business model is simple: We want a check each month and you want the home. We sell you a home and finance it for you, and you give us a monthly payment each month. 

We both win. It works and works well. 

We have many buyers that would never qualify for a traditional bank loan, yet they have paid us perfectly.  We have learned that a good credit score does not guarantee a buyer will make his or her mortgage payment.

Furthermore, sometimes good people, that deserve good homes, just do not have good credit scores, but they make their house payments on time every month. We want these people and they want them to find us. 

So tell your friends that there is a company that understands their situations and has the program that can work. It’s the 100% Guaranteed 30 Year Seller Financing from I Pay I Own, LLC.


- Updated August 30, 2019 6:15 p.m.