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Have you have had problems with other real estate investors?
Most real estate investors are great people but there are always someone in every group.  We help each other with properties and family searching for homes.  If we don't have the home one of our clients needs, we will help find them a home with another investor.

We know of a few bad investors but we never had dealings with them until 2005 when we sold a property to CJ Investments Group, run by
Tony Crockett & Brandon Jorgensen, of Brigham City, Utah. (SLC firemen)

They are new to investing and did not even have one home, they wanted a home to start, we helped them for weeks working on real estate investor concepts and ideas.  Helped them try and get several other properties. 

They requested one of my properties to help them start and to finally put a home on their web page.  So we helped them get started and we assigned over our rights and interest in the home to them.  Two main rules of  real estate investing I thought I taught them is that you never hurt a seller or an money investor.  Well to make a long story short, after three weeks, since it was not rented out and they did not have anyone lined up, they gave up, said they ran out of money so they wanted out.  We told them to hang in there, empty homes are part of investing and it will work out soon, it always does.  But they decided to give up and they broke both rules.  They defaulted on making the payments, abandoned the property, gave the keys back to the seller,  and since they would not honor their word or commitments, nor pay me for the home that they promised, we needed to get back involved and save this situation.

Needless to say the seller is very upset with CJ Investments, Tony and Brandon and will tell others to avoid these people and tell others what they did to him.  I did not think they would pull this stunt.  I assumed they have more values and morals as firemen and as christians.

Aaron Martinez and Dana Taylor agreed to schooling, they received training and as students gave them a house then refuse to pay balance.  Legal action pending.

We at Evergreen Solutions will not tolerate this activity with one of or former homes so we will correct the situation and will make it right for the seller.   We have meet with the seller and are working out another solution.  Why? it is right, moral and ethical thing to do.

We have cut all relationships and free education and ideas with these people and will not allow them to hurt anyone else we are associated with.

All of this is documented and available for your review if there is a need to do so.

Evergreen Solutions
- Updated March 1, 2009 9:55 p.m.