Becoming a real estate investor was the best thing to happen to me in many ways. We enjoy our new lifestyle being an investor allows us to live compared to the rat race most in the world struggle with.  If you really want freedom and will learn how, we can help you be the millionaire you dream about.


We have special hands-on training either at office in Ogden, Utah or we can come to you.  We will customize training classes that will meet your abilities and schedule.  No seminar can do that. 


Training classes will cover all aspects of real estate investments.  We guarantee you will have several homes to purchase.  With hands on experience from finding the homes, to closing, and how to lease the homes with an option. 


Training costs depend on your needs and situation.  Lease Option and Subject To training is only $15,000.00.  More advanced training is $20,000.00.  That is less then you will pay most seminars or mentorships and they DO NOT hand hold you through the entire process of finding and buying a homes.  Many actually work with me in my office and learn all about day to day functions you can never learn from a seminar. A per hour fee can be arranged if you only need very specific information and assistance.

We buy single family home(s) during the training class, guaranteed, for little or no money down to insure you understand the process.  We help with LLC setup, forms needed, how-to's, closings details, etc.


We will also schedule meetings or take phone calls covering as many questions as you desire in one hour blocks. 


My real estate experience comes from working at US Mortgage Company and Mortgage Computer, traveling the country from Alaska to Puerto Rico talking to lenders from large Banks in New York City to little banks in the mid-west, to Credit Unions, Mortgage companies, Life Insurance companies.  I have actually been in FNMA's office in Washington DC.  I have attended the National Mortgage Banking Conventions and the smaller Loan Servicing Conventions all over the USA.  I witnessed a co-working, Jack Lawson buy homes every place we traveled and learned his 15 year plan.  My father was a very successful banker taking a small local bank to 32nd in the nation in mortgage lending.  All this has helped me understand the housing market.  Combining all this experience since 1974 helps me understand what works and what doesn't work.  Then, and most importantly, I DID IT.


I have received instruction from Robert Allen, Donald J. Trump, John Burley, Bill Barnett, William Bronchick Esq., John Alexander, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron Lagrand, T. Harv Eker, Russ Whitney, AD Kessler, Dolf de Roos, Bryan Ellis, Loral Langemeier, Sandy Botkin, CPA., Esq. Nick Vertucci, and several others on real estate investing.  I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in classes and other instruction materials and books to help complete my understanding on investing.  And I still don't know it all.  But I have made millions of dollars with real estate.  You want to do the same?  Then come and see me and lets get started. 


If you desire more info, please contact Brian to schedule training.


Items and issues to think about.


If you want to help family and friends get into homes and have fun in the process then investing how we do it will be fun and rewarding.


Since 1994 with my first home purchase until today we have been successful and glad to have lots of real estate. You will understand how to invest with little or no money and ways to generate profits for years and years to come.


Can I really buy homes without a job?  Yes, we will show you how.  However, you need to avoid the claims of the real estate investing guru courses and home study guides that promise you the moon and risk free investing.  There is no such thing as risk free, but you want to reduce your risks.  We will review actual homes, and what has happened in real life and with real homes. 


Reality is some homes will take days to acquire and others the buying process can be only an hour.  You can secure a home even with thousands in equity without one penny from your pocket.  Yes, I have done this and so will you.


Everything must be done honest and ethical and above the table, no hidden tactics, for this home you are buying might be all the seller has so we need to be fair and protect them by doing everything right and never rip them off with stealing the home from them.  Even if desperate, be fair and you will make more money from additional business and everyone will see your values.  The gurus and TV experts will teach you opposite of this and how to get homes at .40 cents on the dollar.  The more desperate they are the more you can take from them.  You do not need to do this for there are more homes than you will ever have time to buy.  You don't need to hurt people and you will still make a great return.  And being honest and above board and sometimes you can still find them at only .40 cents on the dollar. 


We have lots of real examples, real homes you can drive by and see, to share and experiences with other investors.  Yes, talk with other investors in your area and together you will do better than alone.  Why?  I will show you why this works.


One of your properties gets damages, what do you do?  We will teach you how to deal with this and what tools you have to succeed.


We will avoid the hype and fluff.  Teach you concepts of investing, what works, what didn't work for me, how it might work in your town, what to avoid, what you want to find out in your investigating and how to generate hundreds of thousands of equity in homes in the weeks to follow.


How to close transactions, what forms to use and secrets of finding out what sellers really want.


Yes, we will review my mistakes and why they were made and how you will avoid repeating them from the signs and clues.


Yes, there are fortunes to be made but there are risks.  However, there are ways to reduce risk, ways to protect yourself and we will review them so you will have the tools to deal with items as they arise.  The market will change, the sellers and renters needs change, your investors needs change.


Who to network with and why.


Why you must record your transactions and ways to protect the seller, the new buyer and yourself.  Make your homes a win-win-win or do not close.  This is your best way to get repeat business and referrals.


We are forming a new company to produce, training seminars and sell training supplies.  More information will be added here as it becomes available.  Contact us by phone or the e-mail address below.  We look forward to helping you make your dreams become reality with real estate.  Also join our Investor Club or a local club in your area.


Comments from a few Students


Mark P. Hopkins
Sunny Day Homes LLC & Utah Rent To Own
Thanks a million for helping meI really appreciate it. 

You're the most creative person I know.



M. Shane Martin
Red Castle Ventures, LLC

4 homes in 6 weeks, no bank financing



John Hatch
Black Bear Unlimited, LLC
4 homes in 3 weeks



Lane Smith
Eagle View Solutions, LLC

2 homes, subject to, no bank financing.


Russ Ingram
Buy It Man

1st subject to home, took over loan and got a 18k lease option fee!


Steve & Beccy Hunsaker
Hh2o Solutions, LLC
3 houses in 3 weeks, all Subject to transactions.


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