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Ever deal with unethical contractors?


Yes, and the worst one is:

BUSH ROOFING INC., Michael L. Bush, 801-941-0441
License # 99-377242-5501.

He gave us a bid to re-roof 3595 W. 2200 S. in Young Ward, Utah.

We have his written bid for $6500.00 for the complete job. 

Here is his bid wording.  Tear off existing roof, Re-sheet with 7/16 wafer board. Install new drip metal, Ice & water shield #15 felt, vents and 30 year arch., clean up all debris.  5 year labor warranty.

It was faxed on October 19th, as you can see on the bid.  He said it would be done on Wednesday or Thursday, we call him on Thursday and he had not even started.  He called on Friday  morning of October 26 and says he will need more money, he did not even start and find something that would require us to be fair and up the price, he just demanded more money or he would not do the job.  He flat out refused to honor his word or his written bid.  We will not be taken by the illegal bait and switch bidding so we are done working with Michael L Bush.  We will not pay any contractor more then their bid.  They will honor their word or we find others who are honest and ethical and will do the work.

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- Updated October 26, 2007 10:30 a.m.