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Marriott/Slatterville, UT - 3600 West Pioneer Road
Unit 162 - Seller Financing - Lease Purchase Option

Type: Raw Land Levels:
Price: $3,950.00/mo. Interest Rate: N/A
Beds:    Baths: 
Size:  Sq. feet
Lot Size: 20.6 acres Year Built: 
Tax #: 15-011-0002 Taxes: $ 1,363.57
Jr. High:
  4 shares of water.
  Zoned for 1 acre building lots.
  Might break up into four 5 acre lots.

1031 Trade.


Question? How does Rent to own work on this house?
Answer: You are buying a home today but not closing on it for a year or more. There is a $3,500.00 lease fee, non-refundable if you do not buy the home.  When you buy the home, this money is credited, so you don't lose a penny. The monthly payment has $150.00 per month being credited to the purchase price of the home.  Make sense?  Lets put it into numbers.  

Purchase price end of lease.
Make offer
Less your lease option fee
* Less rent payment credit, 12 months @ $150.00

Total amount needed to RE-FINANCE showing 12 perfect on-time payments are required to help repair your credit, then you own the home, 100%. $ 00.00

* Money is credited to the purchase of the home, if you do not take the purchase option, this money is not returned.

5% equity is needed to get a refinance or a new loan at the end of the rental period. 
5% on this property is $.00

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