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Pleasant View, UT - 2491 North Hwy 89 #115
Unit 185 - Seller Financing - Lease Purchase Option


Type: Single Family Levels: 1
Price: $600.00/mo 
(includes lot fee)
Interest Rate: N/A
Beds:  2  Baths:  1 Size:   Sq. feet
Lot Size: . acre Year Built: 1973
Heat: Gas Forced Air Cooling: Evaporative
Tax #: 0--0 Taxes: $31.74
Jr. High:

Large covered porch


Pool & park



Question? How does Rent to own work on this house?
Answer: You are buying a home today but not closing on it for a year or more. There is a $500.00 lease fee, non-refundable if you do not buy the home.  When you buy the home, this money is credited, so you don't lose a penny. After 108 payments trailer is yours for $1.00.  Monthly payment includes the $382.00 lot fee from the trailer park.  If the lot fee increases the payment will increase the same amount.  Make sense? 

Payments for 108 months then trailer is.
Lot fee of $382 is included in monthly payment.  
If lot fee changes monthly payment will adjust the same.  


Question?  We like this home, what is the next step?
  Everyone over 18 living in the home needs to provide a copy of their drivers license or ID card and complete the RENTAL APPLICATION. We do criminal and credit background checks.  Meaning, no drug related offenses or felonies in the last 5 YEARS.  We understand most credit issues. For if you had great credit you would not need us, you would just go and buy a home.  However, if you pay us perfectly, not even a late payment, We 100% Guarantee that you will own the home someday.  We reward all who pay. 

* Money is credited to the purchase of the home and you get every penny, unless you do not take the purchase option, or are evicted, this money is not returned and credits are lost.

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