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North Fork's Emergency/Disaster Plan
We will be adding all of the plan soon.  Some pages will be secure and you will need to get the password from your area leader.

Weber-Morgan Family Emergency Preparedness Guide
Adobe PDF reader software to view.

Every home needs to print this 62 page guide off and have in home.

1. Asses your sistuation, assist those who are injurred or in danager.  Account for all family member and unite thme ASAP.
2. Post the appropriate color card in your front window.
RED = Emergency! need help immediate.
YELLOW = Help needed, but we can wait.
GREEN = All OK, will help neighbors.
Click here to print 3 color PDF for your window.
3. Check with neighbors.  Review conditions of families, to left, right and accross street. Help place color card in window.
4. Report to your AREA leader.  If phones not working use FRS Channel 7.  Leaders will contact authorites to arrange for help.
A Durfee Creek
Danny & Karen Wright
Brian & Jean Snoke
Steve & Jean Dixon
Dave & Shalain Griffin
Brent & Diane Olson
Steven & Dianne Sanders
B Cobble Creek
Morey & Jodie Haymond
Brian & Marla Rains
Kelly & Mareena Shaw
C North Fork (North)
David & Kathy Brown
Jessie & Ali Hammons
Wayne & Alison Perkins
D North Fork (South)
Kevin & Carolyn Hogge
Don & Marceen Montgonery
Russ & Stacie Ingram
E Liberty Bell / Avon Divide
Grant & Mary Weaver
Jared & Carlee Montgomery
Brian & Karen Belnap
F Willow Creek / South to North Fork River
Jeff & Hope Bruggink
Gar & Annamarie Summers
Jeff & Natalie Post
Every home needs to complete survey so we know how to help.
Family name: Address:  Phone: Mother Name: Father Name: Kids-we need Gender and age only: Elderly or special needs: Speical skills to help recovery efforts.
  Area Leaders report to District Leaders
A & B Cammron Cook
C & D Brian Deeter
E & F Jeff Post
  Every person should complete a info/health record to help assist rescue and emergency people.  Doctors, medications, contacts.
Click here to print off PDF form for each person.  (coming soon)


To update, add,  please e-mail me

 - Updated October 12, 2014 12:21 p.m.