North Fork Private Lending &
Evergreen Private Lending Group

North Fork Private Lending
has partnered with Evergreen Private Lending Group to offer complete Real Estate funding to Real Estate Investors.

By combining we now provide both short and long term investor financing.

We provide PROPERTY BASED LENDING for residential loans.  North Fork doing traditional Hard Money and Evergreen doing long term investor financing.  Together, we bring the perfect blend of thinking to service true Real Estate Investors needs and requirements in today's crazy financing struggle.

We offer:

1. Hard Money Purchase and Rehab Loans (1-3 months, less than 1 year)

2. Refinance Completed Rehab Loans with Tenants (30 year amort 5 and 10 year call)

3. Seasoned Loan Refinance. Great for contract for deed and Investor wraps.

Our goal is to create banking and investing success on every loan request. 
However, occasionally we need to repackage to make it work.  We might require additional co-borrower(s), deed property to NFPL until complete
or we may will partner on the project.

Bring us your projects and let our finance review team come up with a win-win solution.
We can be creative.

Currently we have $7,553,552.00 in mortgage loans.

- Updated February 20, 2020 11:55 p.m.